There’s no question that there’s something ‘old school’ about Aventine. We have always preferred woodworking skill over the latest machinery. Eight people, two working in the office and six in the shop, make up our staff. A deep background in the craft has been a defining feature of the company throughout its existence, but the current group is our most experienced yet. It’s also the most stable: our shop employees have been with us for almost ten years on average.

Andy Riddle started his woodworking career in the saw shop of a lumber company in Denver, Colorado. He built cabinets, staircases, bars and store fixtures for years before starting Aventine in 1986. He is a project manager, responsible for estimating, designing and coordinating work that goes through the shop.

Jim Vernon is the co-owner of Aventine. He has worked as a master carpenter, construction foreman and plant manager. His organizational skills have been brought to bear on every aspect of the company. He is a project manager and is the company’s principal financial officer.

Doug Bergen is the head of the finishing department. He has been with Aventine almost from the beginning-- 21 years. He graduated from the art department at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His many creative outlets include photography and high end audio design and fabrication.

Bradley Marshall is the other employee who is responsible for the exceptionally fine finishes that mark our work. He has been with the company for 13 years, and had a career as an auto mechanic before coming to Aventine.

Chris Hill is a very creative woodworker who has been with us for 8 years. He was the shop foreman at a large custom millwork firm before coming to Aventine. He once worked for a company that builds custom guitars and is himself a professional bass player.

Tom Ferguson is in the second phase of a long career in woodworking. Before turning to shop work he was a master carpenter whose knowledge and integrity influenced a generation of Chapel Hill-area carpenters. He has been at Aventine since 2003.

Luis Tigre started out doing shop maintenance in 2003 and has since grown to be a very capable woodworker. He had prior woodworking experience in Ecuador before he came to this country. He recently demonstrated how far he has come in his craft by flawlessly executing a curved maple countertop.

Chris Jackson is another Aventine employee with an art background, having graduated from California College of Arts. He worked for a small knife-making business before going to work for a cabinet shop in Lake Tahoe. He has developed into a journeyman cabinetmaker during his 4 years at Aventine.